Almost a year on from his reflective, lockdown album DANDELION, ELWD returns with a new album on Bad Taste, THIS PLACE.

ELWD has become known for his signature style of sample selections, blended with live instrumentation that never leans too much to one conventional style, THIS PLACE stays true to this in every sense - the album is an instrumental voyage that fuses live performance with raw samples to build a whole new foundation that is cohesive, yet abstract and elusive; drawing inspiration from hip hop, jazz, the dreamy drift of ambient music & electronic, and yet eschewing conventionality and allegiance to any one genre.

In his own words: “THIS PLACE is a journey really, when I started creating it I didn’t know where I was really going but the more I made, the more I started to understand. I think everyone has a certain place they want to eventually get to and hopefully this album might help you get there.”

THIS PLACE will be released 22nd October and is available to pre-order now. You can hear the first single released from the album, A WAY OF LIVING, HERE.