NAPPYNAPPA announces his new album ONDAMICUNDERDACOSMICLYTZ today with the first single ‘Project Heroes’. Originally from Washington DC, NAPPA is known for this highly creative and free approach, and ONDAMICUNDERDACOZMIKLYTZ coalesces his expressive hip hop soundscapes with layers of eclectic influences. The record features production from long-time collaborator Black Moses, as well as Pat Cain (MODEL HOME), Zac Clare, Tooth Choir, Jelani Kwesi and RICTHESUPERSONIC.

In his own words, NAPPA explains, “ONDAMICUNDERDACOZMIKLYTZ is an album where I was brought back to a mentality of looking at the universe, with the world as my microphone and stage. I just felt like expressing focally the many layers that texturize my existence. The opening track ‘Long Talks & Fast Drives’ is the introduction to my world, then every track thereafter expresses the content, and my feelings, and all that they inhabit. The last track ‘Oysteric Glob’ is a zoom out of my world, with the orb being blown away by all the listener experienced. So, I present from my mynd, body heart, soul and entirety of my vessel!”

ONDAMICUNDERDACOSMICLYTZ is out March 11th on all digital platforms, as well as a limited edition zine, followed by limited edition purple vinyl on April 1st. Watch the new video and pre-order HERE.