Between 2009 and 2011, Bad Taste shone a light on a generation of MCs and producers operating in and around Sheffield - Trellion, Sniff, Figment, Rawkid, TK-1, Lean Low (fka Darkstorm), Morriarchi, Third Person Lurkin, Smoots – each one came with a distinctive style, but together they felt like a movement, carrying the torch for raw, lyrical underground hip hop in the UK. 
Trellion and Lean Low also set up a recording studio, Bigfoot, in Shalesmoor – a corner of the city that still reflected Sheffield’s industrial past. Out of Bigfoot came the label’s first underground heater, Walter Ego’s ‘Calm Down’, a high-energy collision of dubstep, grime and house featuring 0114 grime MCs K Dot and Coco. For a couple years you couldn’t go out to raves in the steel city without hearing it getting wheeled up multiple times.