Sheffield has always been a melting pot of sounds and styles, so it stands to reason that Bad Taste is too. From the very beginning we weren’t focused on genre and knew the label’s output would be eclectic. 2012 saw two landmark Bad Taste records hit shelves. The first was Trellion & Sniff North Luna – a real slow burner, its gritty take on boom bap styles rediscovered year on year by new generations of rap fans. The second was Can’t Love Without You, the debut EP by producer Timbah; a bright, maximalist electronic soul with grime, dubstep and chiptune bubbling away in its DNA.
This split personality extended to our 5th anniversary celebrations, which featured a compilation spread across two volumes – one hip hop, the other electronic music – packed with veterans and new faces. The cover art was designed by Nazusk, an artist and photographer whose graffiti-influenced illustrative work still adorns Bad Taste releases to this day.