Rahiem Supreme links up with WiFiGawd on new album YUNG $AKS 5TH - a record that moves freely through old school hip hop to esoteric new school rap. Rahiem paints vivid imagery with his lyricism, reminiscent of Slick Rick’s storytelling where fact meets fiction, wit and charisma.

Both artists hail from Washington D.C. and it was inevitable they’d cross paths after bumping into each at mutual studio sessions. WiFi played Raheim some of his beats, they connected instantly and the collaboration was born. The album is produced entirely by WiFiGawd, who also features on ‘Run Shh Up’, alongside a guest feature from Al Divino on ‘Vintage Fendi’.

The first single ‘Drifting In The Rain’ is out today, accompanied with a video directed by Alexander Huynh. YUNG $AKS 5TH is out October 14th on limited edition neon yellow vinyl / digital, and available to pre-order HERE.