Wilma Vritra are Wilma Archer & VRITRA. We're gassed to announce their second album 'Grotto' is out on May 6th and share the first video for ‘One Under’ via FADER.

In their own words: “The album is about self-preservation, private reflection and personal refuge from an oppressive exterior. The video is about protecting yourself inside a natural enclosure, under the ground - passing the time with comforting distractions and thoughts, while being aware of what is beyond your walls.”

Grotto’s striking cover image is by Swampy, an enigmatic Californian street artist whose itinerant lifestyle – tales of squatting and train-hopping across North America – have made him a demi-mythical figure. A playful image, but it communicates the album’s themes – of a voyage through darkness, and the promise of light at the end of the tunnel.

Limited edition blue vinyl, split colour blue & red vinyl, standard black vinyl and CD formats are now up for pre-order HERE.