dylantheinfamous is a prolific artist / producer. We’ve collaborated with him on a few Obijuan projects, and now we’re excited to announce his new solo tape AURA - out November 4th on limited edition cassette + digital.

In his own words, Dylan shares: "Aura is the essence of me in loop format. The feelings, energies and tones of this project really tell the story better than words, taking all of my inspirations and blending them into one coherent piece."  He continues to say “Within this project, I still kept the emotion found in earlier tapes such as MOONLOOPS; it undoubtedly has a much sharper edge to it, displaying the confidence found in the path music has taken me since those early projects. AURA in its full form paints the truest picture, though I’m sure different parts will resonate for everyone.”

AURA is available to pre-order on limited edition cassette HERE. The first single ‘DONTKRY’ is out now on all streaming platforms.